Oath Violations Long Island

Oath Violations Long Island

The most common type of violation of NYC’s building code is about non-compliance with construction regulations. However, the breach allows a correction of the condition to certify the rightfulness with the relevant authorities. Anyone wishing to dispute an infringement summon must attend hearings at the Administrative Trials and Hearings Control Board(OATH). OATH collects penalties, but it does not authorize the following actions:

  • Issuing of violations
  • Establishing proper policies of enforcement
  • Employing the right agent or employer
  • Direct control of issuing the violation

FAQ about oath violation

What is a violation?

The violation is the legal document that lets a person know they are responsible for breaking a building code. The recipient of the summon could be:

  • Developer
  • Contractor
  • Business owner
  • Owner
  • All individuals holding other related construction licenses

Oath Violations determine the penalty of the violation in Long Island. Some people are eligible for mitigation while others get a reduction of penalties.

What is the best response to a violation summon?

The recipient of the OATH violations 101 summons depends on several options. The recipient could be the person who admits the breach. The best response is to accept the allegation and paying the fair amount to relieve yourself of the substantial burden quickly. You can enter the penalty reduction stipulation by using our records to contest the conditions of the case. Failing to appear in court will automatically result in a default judgment.

What is a default judgment?

The automatic guilty finding befalls one who fails to honor the OATH/ECB hearings. Typically, the violations and summons hearing date have worse conditions than other penalties, such as five times higher fine.

The default judgment will deem you guilty and often require that you vacate the premises as quickly as possible. After a denial of the motion to vacate, the only option is to pursue article 78, which is typically expensive and time-consuming. It is essential to talk to VDAEXP immediately to prevent judgment that only worsens when you delay the case.

Can you skip the hearing?

You can only skip the hearing when you assign someone else to attend the hearing. It is best to authorize our expeditors to schedule and attend the hearing by phone, online, or any other communication channel. You or the person has the right to request an adjournment to prepare for a more intensive  OATH summonses pursuit.

Do you need a lawyer?

Oath violations in Long Island do not require you to have a lawyer. It is best to include some form of legal participation to better your chances for adequate representation. You face the danger of substantial fines if you do not use a team that understands the process of handling all related legal matters. The decision to include an official attorney will depend on the complexity of the issue.

Why choose VDAEXP?

Our team has experience handling many different cases of violations. The intimate knowledge of the justice system gives us the advantage of interpreting your case for the best administrative trials and hearings. Contact 917-818-3190 to deconstruct all the region’s laws and contact players that pivot the violation towards a win.


Oath Violations Long Island
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Oath Violations Long Island
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Oath Violations Long Island Oath Violations Long Island