Elevator Violations NYC

Elevator Violations NYC

Elevators in commercial and residential buildings must comply with specific safety standards before they can be considered usable. Failure to comply with the standards may lead to penalties for NYC elevator violations.

What causes New York NY elevator violations?

The Department of Buildings (DOB) is responsible for elevator inspections in New York.  There are two main categories of inspections, including:

  • Category 1 (CAT1)

  • Category 5 (CAT5)

Category 1 (CAT 1) violation

Category 1 is also called the no-load safety test. The DOB scrutinizes newly installed elevators for defects. Any defect found is filed under CAT 1 guidelines and submitted to the building owner.

The elevator owner must correct the defects and file a second report to DOB. Failure to correct the defects results in a CAT 1 violation. In addition, not filing a correction report after fixing elevator defects will result in violation penalties. 

The deadline for filing correction reports is 60 days after DOB inspection. Untimely filings will attract penalties or late fines. The DOB reserves the right to nullify all reports not filed within a grace period of 12 months. 

Category 5 (CAT5) violation

Under CAT5 guidelines, the Department of Building checks an elevator's speed and load performance. The department also checks if the elevator has the correct capacity rating. DOB carries out CAT 5 test:

  • Five years after installing an elevator.

  • Five years from the last CAT5 inspection.

Any shortcomings discovered during the test will be filed and mailed to the building owner. The building owner is required to rectify the issues filed in the report and submit a corrections report to the DOB. Failure to perform both actions results in the violation of CAT5 guidelines. The department of buildings will issue a fine to the building owner. 

How much do I owe the DOB?

To find out accruing penalties for elevator violations, a building owner must have an existing e-filing account. Anyone without an e-filing account can register for one on the official DOB website. Use the credentials you receive to check for penalties on the DOB's e-filing page.

The procedure for checking penalties is as follows:

  • Click on DOB Now: Safety on the e-filing page

  • Navigate to the “Violations” portal

  • Select “Violation Search/Payment” on the dashboard

  • Enter violation number, address/BIN, or device number

  • It will direct you to all existing violations with their accruing fines

  • All fines are paid individually

Why should you hire us?

We handle elevator violations in New York City on behalf of our clients. We have experience in how the DOB guidelines work. Our company will file all pending inspection or corrections reports on your behalf.

On request, we will search for all pending penalties that need clearing. In addition, we will identify all active elevator violations, elevator accidents penalties on your behalf. Our representative will compile all pending fees and send a convenient report to you.

Once you deal with the penalties, we will work with the DOB to get your elevator license renewed. In addition, we will monitor your DOB online account and alert you of any pending actions. This helps to avoid additional penalties for elevator violations.

Please trust us to help you avoid or deal with elevator violation penalties. Contact vda EXP at 917-818-3190 for a free consultation.

Elevator Violations NYC
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Elevator Violations NYC
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Elevator Violations NYC Elevator Violations NYC