Elevator Permit NYC

Elevator Permit NYC

Have you ever noticed the certificate on one of the walls of the elevator? The paper indicates that the elevator passes all annual safety inspection rules and is suitable for lifting people to hundreds of feet off the ground, or more. These safety permits are, however, not always recent and maybe decades old in some buildings. Most are expired and do not indicate the current safety of the building's elevator

The blame for an expired elevator permit in NYC usually lies on the building owner and sometimes the city’s permit process. NYC is notorious for its backlog of paperwork; hence one may take a year before getting the permit. Consequentially, some elevator inspection routines may not be thorough enough to ascertain the safety of the building.

Most important facts about the elevator permit in NYC

Is it necessary to have an elevator permit? The licensed elevator contractor should apply for the license before installing or altering the device. We ensure you submit the right specifications of the elevator so you can get quick approval. Our duty is that the authorities understand the people who work on your elevator include the maintenance, repair, servicing, and inspection teams.

How long does it take to acquire a permit?

Most authorities should take ten business days to process the application and issue a permit. We have information that ensures a fast process by adding all the right details to the statement.

What steps do we follow to get the elevator permit?

VDAEXP does the research that provides you with the right requirements and forms to complete an elevator permit application. The inspection process will reveal other types of permits you may need to complete the application. It is in our best interest that you have the right business license to ensure compliance with the building and elevator.

It is best to seek an elevator permit if you plan to alter or install any of the following elevator forms:

  • Escalator
  • Platform lift
  • Stairway lift
  • Industrial scissor lift
  • Conveyor equipment
  • Automotive lift
  • Moveable stage
  • An amusement park’s mechanically moving device 

What is the difference between a company and the building owner’s elevator permits?


It is essential to know the importance of the elevator permit application process for a company. The inspector will issue the criteria to review the existing elevator's installation and function before process the permit. Typically, businesses cannot get a license if they do not meet the following conditions:

  • Proven safety for the passenger
  • Compliance with regulations and requirements after the initial inspection
  • Use of only approved equipment that has the Elevator’s Safety Orders

Building owners

The building owner should always an updated elevator permit with the right amount of approvals and renewals. A lack of recent dates on the license signifies non-compliance by the owner. You risk hazards and lawsuits that seek to ensure to ascertain the safety of all users.

The fee for a DOB elevator permit varies depending on whether you are repairing or installing an elevator. You can contact VDAEXP on 917-818-3190 to learn more about all costs and a complete guide to elevator violations.


Elevator Permit NYC
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Elevator Permit NYC Elevator Permit NYC