vdaEXP would like to remind all New York City clients that effective June 17, 2020, the Department of Buildings, “DOB NOW: Safety ”, launched a new “Elevator Violation Portal” that will allow you to search for Elevator Violations, and Outstanding Penalties for these Violations.

This service will calculate the Penalties Owed and contains all Elevator Violation and Inspection Report Data, from the “Building Information System” (BIS) and DOB NOW.

Payments for “Failure to File” or “Failure to File an Affirmation of Correction”, for Category 1 and Category 5 elevator violations, and all requests to wave Civil Penalties resulting from these Violations, must be made through this website.

We want to make sure that you are aware that requests to Research Elevator Violation Penalties owed, and Elevator Cashier Civil Penalties Forms (ECP), can no longer be emailed or delivered in person to the Elevator Unit.

Click here for full details on the new requirement.

As NYC’s Premier Expediting Service, we partner with our clients to help them successfully navigate through the Bureaucracy of NYC, and the surrounding Metro Area. We will assist you and your team with all aspects of Permit and Amendment Filings, Violation Research/Clearing, License Renewal, Hearing Representation, Penalties/Fines Payment, plus much more.

Our diverse experience, and wealth of knowledge will provide you with the most Suitable and Effective Solution to help get these Annoying and Time-Consuming issues resolved quickly.